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Buying a youth Rico custom glove? You need to read this!

Oct 17th 1:16pm

The most common mistakes people make when ordering a custom Rico youth glove. Please read this!

1. Customer- My son is 8 years old almost 9 and is a big kid. I think he needs an adult glove so he can use the glove for a long time. Then he can grow into it. Then I don't have to buy another glove for a long time.

Glove Pro Expert Answer- An 8 or 9 year old shouldn't be using an adult size glove no matter how big the kid. The glove needs to fit around the hand better. An adult glove will be falling off a youth players hand. A youth series glove would be the best choice because it will have a better fit around the hand. At Rico Gloves the recommendation is definitely to use our Rico Youth series for kids 8 to 11 or 12 years and older (if the hand isn't big.) Don't get your 8 or 9 year old an Adult glove!

2. Customer- I want the Youth series glove but I want the Select series leather on the glove because I know its probably the best leather that Rico Gloves makes.

Glove Pro Expert Answer- Our Select Series is really great for elite HS, College, and Pro players. The Select Leather for a Youth Player would be the wrong choice. The youth player would spend a season or two trying to break in a Horween Leather glove like Select series. The Youth Series leather is the best choice and is made of premium cowhide leather that is tumbled so it will break in easier for the youth players. The reason you don't see the high-end leather on youth gloves from any company is because youth players can't break in those gloves. Its better to go with something that best suits the youth player for the season coming up.

3. Customer- My son wants a certain color not available on Rico youth series. I am thinking about just ordering an adult size glove so we can get the color he wants.

Glove Pro Expert Answer- Any company will make what you order from a Glove Builder but if your son is 8-11 years old and needs a youth size then its best to order the youth series because the way the glove fits on the hand. Don't change your order to an Adult glove when your youth player needs a youth size glove. Don't base your custom glove order on a color. Its the fit for the player that is the most important.

4. Customer- My son is 6 years old and I want to get him a Rico youth series glove. Will it work for him?

Glove Pro Expert Answer- The quick answer is no not like it should. Our youth series is for youth players that are at least 8 year old to 13 years old. The Rico youth series isn't a Tball size glove like you would see at Walmart or those type of retailers. The youth series is much better quality and bigger around the hand than the cheap Tball gloves you see at those retailers. Our recommendation at Rico Gloves is to wait until your son or player is at least 8 years old before ordering a custom youth series glove.

These are the most common mistakes customers make when ordering or not ordering a youth series glove from Rico Gloves. Please let us know if you have any questions about gloves by posting here or contacting us at info@ricogloves.com