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What glove conditioner should I use for my baseball glove?

Oct 17th 1:18pm

Do you need to clean and condition your baseball glove?

At Rico Gloves we have developed our conditioner to aid in breaking in your new glove, or to restore the appearance and supple feel of your favorite already broken in while maintaining a dry-to-the-touch feel. Rico Glove Care and Condtioner is formulated with Vitamin E to breathe new life into your glove or batting gloves. Rico Glove Care is formulated with UV protection to resist cracking, fading, and discoloration caused by harmful solar rays. Rico Glove Care and Conditioner works excellent on all the new high quality leathers, leatherette, and faux leather gloves. The condtioning formula penetrates deep into the leather for the softest feel on any leather surface. Rico Glove Care and Conditioner has natural cleaning abilities to remove light stains from the surface. Rico Glove Care and Conditioner restores the natural leather scent back to your glove. Rico Glove Care prevents your original leather from becoming dry, aged, and cracked. Treat your glove right with Rico Glove Care and Conditioner.

These are the advantages of using this Rico Glove Care and Conditioner.

  • Softens and reconditions the leather.
  • Protects leather from harmful UV rays.
  • Doesn't make glove heavier. Its light.
  • After absorbing it isn't greasy on leather (like vaseline or nokona glove conditioner).
  • Doesn't mess up your clothing.
  • Conditioner doesn't permanently darken the leather.
  • Also for use on horse saddles and bridles, All motorcycle leathers, leather jackets, For use on smooth leathers.
  • Not to be used on aniline leathers, suede, or nubuck

    If interested in Rico Glove Care and Conditioner please let us know. We will have this new amazing product available for sale in our store in September of 2015. Please contact us at info@ricogloves.com

    Personal Testimonial from Tony Ross Maddi :

    First, I played pro baseball for 8 years. I have had a lot of gloves and used a lot of glove conditioning products. Mink oil, vaseline, shaving cream. Personally, I believe that this Rico Glove Care and Conditioner is the best product that I have ever used. Mink Oil weighs the glove down and darkens the leather. Not something I wanted. Vaseline seemed okay but I knew there had to be something better. I know this product is better than anything that I have ever used before. It conditions the leather and softens it at the same time. It absorbs into the leather without permanently staining it darker. You don't have to use a lot of this conditioner. Start by using a small amount and work it into the leather. If anyone needs any glove conditioner for there gloves please contact me at tony@ricogloves.com. This conditioner is the only thing I recommend for any kind of baseball glove and Rico Baseball Gloves.


    Tony Ross Maddi- Rico Custom Gloves