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What size baseball glove should I get?

Sep 4th 2:23pm

At Rico Gloves, we typically get the question, "What size glove should I get my child?" . We will give you are best advice in this blog post! Please read below.

First, let's go over some details of why we have certain sizes for positions.

The reasons for a smaller glove in the infield are below-

The ball won't get lost in the glove when trying to get the ball out.
Quicker hands on transferring the ball on double plays.
This equals getting the ball to first faster.
The reasons for a closed web for pitchers-

Main reason is the hitters won't be able to see movement of hand.
Pitchers won't give any tips on pitch coming with a closed web.
The reasons for a larger outfield glove-

Possibly a better extension on extending the glove for a fly ball on the run.
Outfield gloves should be bigger but they don't have to be 13 inches or more to get the job done.


5-6 years old- Probably too young for a custom youth glove unless you are going to save it until he is at least 7 or 8.

8-9 years old Infield- Definitely go with our Youth Series

Youth 11 inch, 10.75 inch, or if wanting bigger 11.5 inch. 11 inch would probably be best for this age.
10-11 years old Infield- Youth Series

11 or 11.5 inch Youth for infield would be our recommendation. 12 inch youth probably be big unless you want it for outfield.
12 years to Adult Infield- Prime series, Star Series, Select Series, or Ultra Series

11.5 (any infield position)
11.25 inch (if playing 2nd base)
11.75 inch (SS, 3rd, pitch)
12 inch (3rd base, pitch)

8-9 year old Outfield-

Our recommendation is to use the infield sizing for outfield.
The reason is because you dont want the glove falling off your childs hand.
10-11 years old Outfield-

11.5 inch (this will work for outfield at this age
Don't go above 12 inch for Outfield at 10-11 years old
12 years old to Adult Outfield-

12 inch (12 inch will work for ages 12-13 years old)
12.25 inch (great size for smaller outfield glove for adults or teenagers).
12.5 or 12.75 inch (Most typical Outfield size for adults)
13 inch or 13.25 inch (Very large glove for baseball and probably better served for Softball)
We hope this recommendation chart helps you make the right choice in size for a Rico custom glove! If you have any questions please contact us at tony@ricogloves.com. We specialize in making a one of kind custom glove with pro quality leather. Check out our glove customizer www.ricogloves.com/glovecustomizer