I want a High End Custom Glove for the lowest cost that you have for any series. Is this possible?

Sep 26th 12:45am

First, no matter what anyone tells you. Its impossible to get a high end custom pro leather glove for a $140 dollars and under.
You can of course get a custom glove for under $150 dollars but it won't be high end custom. The leather is the difference.
The highest end leather custom gloves will be the most expensive from any company. (minimum $250 and up custom)
A high end non-custom glove will be lower cost (relative to high end custom) because it can be mass produced.
(see sporting goods closeouts)
Most glove companies have several series of gloves that try to hit a few different price points.
Rico Gloves actually hits every price point. Select and Ultra are the high end gloves. Star Series is mid-range custom.
Prime and Youth series is the lower end for a custom.
IF you want Prime series that will be the lowest cost custom we make. Its a great custom for the price that you pay BUT you can't compare it to our highest end Select or Ultra series or another companies high end custom glove.
IF you want the highest end custom glove from Rico Gloves then I advise that you get our Select Series or Ultra Series gloves.
This is what we make for professional players. Be aware that high end custom gloves require breaking in so if your under 12 a high end custom probably is not a good choice.