Should I get a pre-break-in on my Rico Glove?

Mar 8th 10:44am

At Rico Gloves we use only real leather for our custom gloves. We don't make any custom gloves with synthetic leather, treated leather, or plastic. We do use some mesh on the back of the hand of a glove if requested but its also stitched to real leather. When using real leather the gloves are stiffer when new. Real leather lasts longer and requires a break in period. The highest end leather like our Select and Ultra Series are the stiffest and last the longest.

We can do a steam, condition, and pre-break-in on any gloves we make. It helps break in the initial stiffness from the factory. One thing to keep in mind thou is we can't make the glove 100% broke in. We would actually have to use the glove to get it to feel 100% broken in. I would say that our glove pre-break-in speeds up the process and breaks in the glove about 40%. So the pre-break helps but its not a game ready break in. We don't want to make the glove look used and we have to be careful doing the pre-break in that we don't make the glove look used.

A benefit of the steam, condition, and pre break in is that we condition the whole glove with Rico Leather Conditioner. It conditions the leather so it won't need more conditioner when you receive it. It will just need use to break the glove in. Our Rico Leather Conditioner doesn't leave a residue like other conditioners (see sporting goods conditioners) so you won't be able to tell its even in the leather. That is why we designed our own Rico Glove conditioner because once the glove is dry it won't discolor or make the glove feel greasy but will still do an excellent job of protecting and conditioning the leather. 

If you have any questions regarding condtioning or pre-break in don't hesitate to ask. 

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