What is best leather series for a Rico Glove?

Mar 8th 11:11am

The best leather for Rico Gloves for pro, college, and elite high school is the Ultra Series. Ultra Series features Japanese tanned kip leather. This type of leather is truly high end and requires some break in time. It's lighter weight and kip leather was popularized by Japanese professional players. Kip leather wouldn't be ideal though for a younger player that is 9-11 years old that doesn't have the hand strength to break in this type of leather. 

The Star Series is our 2nd best leather series. Its ideal for younger teens and adult players or customers looking for a great glove at a reasonable price point (for a custom glove). The Star Series is made from steer hide leather and is very durable and can be used for high level players in pro, college, and HS. Steer hide leather requires break in time. We offer Star Series in youth sizing but the youth player will need some break in time on for a steer hide leather glove. Steer hide leather has been used by professional players for a very long time and the advantage of it is durability. 

The Prime Series is the lowest cost custom that we make. Its made of smooth and tumbled cowhide leather. Some color choices have a slightly tumbled look to the leather. Its a very good custom for the price point and most companies can't beat our prices for a custom glove with this quality. We recommend this leather for any player wanting a shorter break in time. Prime Series is recommended for younger youth players but any level player (except pro and college) can use smooth or tumbled cowhide leather. 

Youth sizing is for players that are at least 9 years old and ideal for players ages 9-12 years old. Some 13  year olds or adult with a smaller hand could use youth sizing because the wrist is more of a tapered sizing (not a super small youth sizing that is seen in 5-8 year old gloves). Our youth sizing is not recommended for 5-8 year olds based on sizing and leather.  The youth leather we recommend most is in Prime Series. We offer the youth sizing in Star Series but will need a longer break in period.