TOP 3 things you need to know before ordering a youth size custom glove!

Mar 1st 1:56pm

Occasionally, we see customers make an error when ordering a youth custom glove. Ultimately, we want you to get the best glove for you or your child. Please read below for some great information from Rico. This information can be applied to youth gloves in general. 

Top 3 things you need to know before ordering a youth custom glove! 

1. You need to know that the best high end leather and a younger player don't go together! A kid who is 9 or 10 shouldn't be using the highest end leather even IF Dad wants to get him the best leather. The high end leather needs break in time and requires a teenage or adult hand. High end leather is designed for durability for professional or college play. If another company tells you that the high end leather glove they make for youth is $300 plus and its an easier break in for a kid then run away from them because the leather they are giving you is smooth cowhide leather (not kip or steer hide leather). They are just charging you more for smooth cowhide or tumbled leather and they can call the series whatever they like. No leather exists that is soft with no break in time that is considered high end leather. Softer leather exists in smooth or tumbled cowhide that is cut from a softer area from the hide but its not considered a high end leather in the glove industry. (marketing by companies can differ though so it's important to know the truth)

2. Know your length size you have now! If you want a little bigger length size then go up a quater (.25) inch. Occasionally we have customers that want to go up a full 1 inch in length size and often that is way too much. A quarter (.25) inch in length is bigger and if you want a significant jump in length size go up a half (.50) inch in length. Our youth sizing is designed for minimum 9 year old upto 12 year old or an adult with a smaller hand. The youth sizing we offer isn't designed for 5-8 year olds. In the future we may do that sizing. We recommend Prime Series for leather for most youth players. We do allow customers to order youth sizing in our higher end leather Star Series. We leave the leather decision upto our customers. 

3. Most youth players don't need a 12 inch length size! You often see youth players using too long a length. The length size I would advise most often is 11.5 inch, 11.25, or even 11 inch. A 9 year old using a 12 inch length size even if its tapered around the hand is too long a length. Pro players who are adults use a 11.5 inch length in the infield at SS. So why would a kid that plays infield or even outfield that is 9 years old use a 12 inch length? My advice is don't do that. If you need size recommendations you can ask us or ask someone who really knows sizing for kids. That wouldn't mean in most instances another Mom or Dad on your team. Sorry for the rant but I had to tell you the truth. :) Bigger length gloves don't mean better. Its important for younger players to be in the smaller length size 11.25 or 11.5 so they can control and close the glove. If need to know more reasons why please contact us and we can explain it more.