Please Read! Custom Glove Agreement prior to checkout! Look over your details. This is helpful when ordering.

Apr 10th 11:04pm

We love our Rico customers and we want to make you the best custom glove possible and make it exactly to your specifications. So its very important that you know the size you want/need. Also if you have questions that you ask us or someone that is familiar with glove sizing prior to ordering a custom glove. IF you ask after you order that doesn't help because the order will be started immediately after the order is placed. So please ask sizing questions prior to purchase. 

Please follow these tips when ordering off our customizer. 

1. Please know the size you need and double or triple check that size you selected at checkout prior to purchasing. That way if your making multiple gloves then you may have forgot to select the correct size again on a new glove you started. Click on details at checkout to verify the size you selected to make sure that is what you want and need prior to clicking purchase. 

2. Please check all your color selections and every detail at checkout. The details are listed for size, colors, webstyle, name stitching, etc. Make sure its 100% what you want before clicking purchase. The glove order you selected doesn't change once you hit purchase. Meaning whatever you have selected is what we will make. The customizer won't change anything that you selected. 

3. Please double check your name spelling and font. Also the color of the stitching for the name. We are going to make the glove exactly how you input your name. IF you don't capitalize your first or last name then we will make it just as you ordered it. We often see last names without a capital on the first letter of the last name. It's a common customer error when ordering or maybe not but we only make what you input for the name. So please check that prior to purchase. We don't know your intentions when you enter a name. 

4. Double check your address. Please enter it completely at checkout. Occasionally, we receive incomplete or a completely wrong address that is entered by our customers. Please verify your address and double check that its where you want your custom glove to be sent. We don't know where you live so its important for shipping purposes that you give us the correct address. Thank you! 

Custom Glove Agreement: Custom glove orders take 6-8 weeks (42-56 days) from the order date to be shipped and delivered. All glove boxes require a USPS delivery signature at the address you provide on your order. Please Note!- No changes, cancellations or refunds are allowed after the order has been placed. So please double or triple check your details on your order prior to placing your order. Also check your shipping address! Thank you!