Missouri Show-Me State Rico Baseball Necklace


Missouri Show-Me State Rico Baseball Necklace

Item: ShowMeStateMissouri
Price: $19.99

Product Description:

Rico Baseball Show-Me State Missouri Necklace

  • * Stainless Steel is a very durable metal
  • * Stainless Steel front and back.
  • * Included for Free is the Stainless Steel Necklace that is 23.5 inches in length.
  • * Jewelry Tip- Keep stainless steel jewelry away from other types of metal jewelry. Stainless steel is a harder metal and could scratch gold, silver, or softer metals.
  • * This type of Missouri Show-Me Baseball Charm and necklace typically sell for at least 40 dollars or more. This is a great deal for this Show-Me shaped charm and necklace.
  • * Limited Supply. Only available while supplies last.

Designed in USA.