Team Rico

I have 3 Rico Gloves currently and I really think it is a high quality pro leather glove. I highly recommend these gloves.
Justin Fitzgerald - San Francisco Giants Organization

I am very impressed with the quality of the Rico Gloves. I personally use a Custom Kip Rico Glove. I love the feel of it with the stiff thumb and pinky finger. The leather is lighter but still stiff.
Shaun Marcum - Cleveland Indians MLB Pitcher

I first noticed Rico Gloves in Kansas City when we came to play the T-Bones. I was surprised by the high quality of a brand of gloves that I have never heard about. I began to feel the leather and check out the customization. That is when I knew that I wanted to get a Rico Glove. I wanted to be unique and have a style of glove that no one else had. I am proud to be on Team Rico!
Brian Bistagne - Former Minnesota Twin