RICO means- Rich or of High Quality in Spanish and Italian. In English Rico is known to most people as a cool name. At Rico we are dedicated to our name of providing high quality products and we like having a cool name too.

Rico by Maddi is a company dedicated to delivering top quality Sporting Goods. We supply baseball gloves, batting gloves, bats, and workout apparel for baseball and fitness.

Our Rico baseball gloves are now made in 5 different series with 4 leather qualities.

  • Youth series- Tumbled cowhide leather (Ideal for ages 8-11 years old)
  • Prime series- Tumbled cowhide leather 
  • Star series- Smooth premium cowhide leather 
  • Ultra series-Kip leather
  • Select Series- Maruhashi Japanese tanned leather 

Select and Ultra Series gloves are Professional Player Grade quality and handcrafted. The gloves have been inspected and checked for quality and styled by a former pro baseball player. Please check the details of all 5 Rico Glove series so you can choose the right glove for you.