Collection: Custom Gloves

Rico Gloves makes three series of amazing custom gloves: Ultra Series recommended for Pro or College players, Star Series ideal for all players including Pro and College, Prime Series especially good for youth for softer feel and shorter break in time.

Glove Hand

Make sure you pick a glove for the correct hand.

  • Right Hand Throw

    Right Hand Throw gloves are for right handed players, so are worn on the left hand. This is the most common option, and the correct choice for most players.

  • Left Hand Throw

    Left Hand Throw gloves are for left handed throwing players, so are worn on the right hand. This option is only for southpaws, so be careful not to choose it by mistake.


Our gloves are available for baseball or softball.

  • Baseball

    Baseball gloves are available in a few more smaller sizes, and are the right choice for baseball from youth through professional levels.

  • Softball

    Softball gloves need to be a little bit larger and are available in all of the larger size. This is the right choice for both Fastpitch and Slowpitch softball at all levels.


We have a variety of choices depending on your position and style preference.

  • Classic Fielder

    Our Classic Fielder is our most popular glove pattern, and is available in many sizes and options. It can be used for any position in baseball and softball other than first base and catcher.

  • Model 21 Fielder

    Model 21 Fielder is our newest addition, and features three separate pieces of leather on each finger. This is commonly referred to as double or dual welting.

  • First Base

    First Base mitts are designed for First Base only. Available in Closed or Open Back designs, and adult and youth sizing.

  • Catcher

    Catcher mitts are available for baseball in in four sizes.

Youth and adult

Choose the right wrist opening for your hand size.

  • Adult

    Adult Sizing is the default design and is recommended for most players 13 and over. This sizing indicates a normal wrist opening, and is not related from the length of the glove, so is available across all glove sizes.

  • Youth

    Youth Sizing is available on our Prime and Star Series, and has a smaller wrist opening and fit younger players better. We generally recommend Youth Sizing for players 9 to 12, although the best match can vary with larger or smaller hands. Because they are intended for younger players, our Youth Sizing is not available in our stiffest leather Ultra Series, and is not available in some of our largest glove lengths that are too big for young players.

Glove Sizing

Choose the right size for your player.

  • Fielder Sizes

    Fielder Glove Size measures the length of the glove from the bottom heel to the tip of the index finger.

    The right size depends on sport, position, and preference. Infielders generally use 12 inch and under, and outfielders use 12 inch and over. Softball players need a longer glove to catch the larger ball, and most often choose gloves at least 12 inches.

  • 1B and Catcher Sizes

    First Base gloves are a default adult size for each of our two models, and a single smaller size for youth players.

    Catcher gloves measure the length all the way around the circle of the glove. Most catchers prefer a medium size, but we have choices for those who prefer a little smaller or a little larger.