Rico Custom Gloves

Rico Gloves makes three series of amazing custom gloves.
Select the right one for you to get started.

Ultra $299 $249

High end Japanese Steer Hide leather, originally popularized by top Japanese players.   Ultra series gloves are made with the finest Steer Hide Leather ideally for pro or college players.

The advantages of Ultra series gloves:

  • Tighter grain strength 
  • Longer lasting and more durable
  • Moisture wicking palm
  • Retains shape and forms to hand   
  • Recommended For- Pro, College, and Elite HS players- Not for youth players under 13 years old

Star $249 $185

The Rico Star series leather is designed for a serious player that wants pro quality leather. This series requires a short break in period and includes a pro quality design. Star series leather is a premium cut cowhide which is stiff and durable to hold its shape.

The advantages of Star series gloves

  • Premium cowhide leather
  • Requires a short break in time
  • Lighter in weight
  • Durable

Recommended for- (All-levels - Ideal for young teens and HS players) 

Available in Youth Hand Size

Prime $199 $149

Prime series is our newest series at Rico gloves and offers a premium cowhide leather that has a softer feel. This series still requires a short break in period but should break in quickly for immediate use. This series could be used at all levels. This glove is an outstanding value for a custom glove.

Advantages of Prime series

  • Softer feel of leather
  • Shorter break in time
  • Premium cowhide leather (nothing synthetic)
  • Outstanding value for a custom glove

Recommended For All-Levels

Available in Youth Hand Size


All three series of Rico Custom Gloves area also available as Softball Gloves!