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Rico Leather Cream

Rico Leather Cream

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Rico Leather Cream has been especially formulated, containing natural Australian bush ingredients for all Rico baseball gloves. For use on leather gloves, saddles and tack, harness gear, bridles, boots, jackets and accessories.

  • Softens leather for glove break ins
  • Won't permanently darken leather
  • Protects stitching
  • Preserves, protects and repels water
  • Ideal for exotic leathers


Remove all loose dirt from baseball glove and use soft damp cloth with water to remove remaining dirt from glove. Rico Leather Conditioner spray can be sprayed on a soft cloth as a cleaner to remove excess dirt. After removing dirt let the leather dry completely before applying Rico Leather Cream.

Apply Leather Cream sparingly using a soft cloth or micro fiber sponge. Start in pocket area and work into heel of the glove where the laces and heel of glove meet. Work cream into the stiff areas of the glove and use on the laces as well. Allow cream to penetrate leather. The leather will appear darker when cream is applied but won't permanently darken leather. Make sure to apply evenly in a light coat. Allow to dry and polish off excess with a dry soft cloth. Repeat application as required.

Not suitable for suede or nubuck leather. Always test in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Store in a cool place.

Manufactured by Oakwood products Australia for Rico Gloves in USA.

Contains natural ingredients. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Note: Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, nor accepts any responsibility for any direct or consequential damages beyond purchase price since seller has no control over user's handling or effect of use.

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